"Fresh roasted coffee for only $12 per pound?  Impossible!"

Or is it?  Here's the deal.  I really enjoy a great cup of fresh coffee and want others to be able to do the same but realize that for many this comes at a steep price.  My goal is to make great, fresh roasted coffee accessible to more people.  I use quality green beans, roast in small batches, and keep minimal stock on the shelf to ensure freshness.  And all for  only $12 per pound!  


Did you know that most coffee peaks in flavor within 3-10 days after roasting?  Do you know how long it's been since your coffee was roasted?  We want you to enjoy a fresh cup.  That's why we don't roast your coffee until you place the order.  Most customers receive their order the day after it is roasted allowing you plenty of time to enjoy it at it's peak.  Taste the difference.